Welcome to a new era in hip-hop.  An era where the joy of the 80's block parties meets the urgency of the 90's social awareness fused with today's energetic rhythmic tones. Retro-Rev takes you back to move you forward with elegant story-telling, feel good vibes and conscious lyricism.  Welcome to music with a pulse.


Music With...



Listen to music that will not make you feel demeaned or belittled as anyone can join in and feel the true message of the song without slander.

Impromptu shoot.jpg_When something fails


Paying homage to the Golden Era of Hip-hop where the message was in perfect harmony with the melody.

Here I come yo, here I come.jpg


Songs that are written with a specific purpose.  To make you think, laugh, cry, wonder, ponder, Retro Rev is all about placing meaning behind the music.